Book of a prophet who married a prostitute to show God's relationship to faithless Israel.


God was faithful even when the people where not
Hosea prophesied in the northern kingdom of Israel in the eight century BC. He was a contemporary of Amos.

God tells Hosea to marry a prostitute to dramatize how Israel has become faithless by worshiping other gods. Their children are named "Jezreel" (which was a battlefield), "Not Pitied," and "Not my people" to show how God will judge Israel. Yet there is hope that God will restore the people, so that "Jezreel" will become a sown field and the other children will be called "Pitied" and "My People" (Hos 1-3).  Oracles of judgment and hope appear throughout the remainder of the book.

Hos 1 - Hosea's marriage and children


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