Joseph (New Testament)

Jesus' earthly father

Joseph was the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. He was a carpenter and a descendant of David who lived in Nazareth. Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem to register during a census because Bethlehem was Joseph's ancestral home. After Jesus was born, an angel warned Joseph to flee to Egypt since Herod wanted to kill the child. After Herod's death Joseph took the family to Nazareth. When Jesus was twelve, Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem. They lost track of Jesus for a time but later found the boy in the Temple. Joseph does not play a part in Jesus' ministry as an adult.

Matt 1:18-25 - Jesus' birth announced to Joseph
Luke 2:1-7 - Joseph at Bethlehem
Luke 2:41-50 - Search for Jesus

Joseph fled to Egypt with
Mary and Jesus
(Matt 2)

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