The disciple who denied Jesus during his trial but later became a leader in proclaiming Jesus.

Galilee shore

Peter fished on the Sea of Galilee
until Jesus called him to
"fish for people."

Peter was the name given by Jesus to Simon Bar-Jona the Galilean fisherman, one of the first of the twelve chosen disciples. The Greek word petra means "rock" and the Aramaic equivalent is "Cephas." Peter and Andrew his brother came from Bethsaida, a fishing village on the Sea of Galilee. Simon Peter was a leader of twelve, and part of the inner circle--Peter, James, and John. He was with Jesus in Capernaum, at the house of Jairus the ruler of the synagogue, on the mountain during the Transfiguration and at Gethsemane. Peter hailed Jesus as the Christ at Caesarea Philippi, but denied his master three times in the courtyard of the high priest.

After Jesus' ascension Peter preached on Pentecost and healed in the Temple. Peter later saw a vision in which a sheet full of animals descended from heaven, which made him realize that people of every nation who fear God and do what is right are acceptable to God (Acts 10). He received the gentile Cornelius as a Christian and was instrumental in persuading the Jerusalem council to receive gentiles into the church without circumcision.

Mark 1:16-17 - Call
Mark 8:27-30 - Confession
Mark 14:66-72 - Denial
Acts 2:14-36 - Pentecost sermon
Acts 10:1-43 - Vision

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