Sarah (Sarai)

Abraham's wife and mother of Isaac. 

Sarah listened to God's messengers in the tent

Sarah and Abraham left their home in Haran to travel in Canaan, because God promised to give them a land. For a time she and Abraham were in Egypt and they pretended to be brother and sister out of fear that Sarah's beauty would incite the Egyptians to kill her husband. Sarah lived ninety years of her life without bearing children and asked Abraham to father a son (Ishmael) through her servant Hagar.  God promised that Sarah too would bear a son and she laughed at the idea.  Later she laughed for joy when her baby was born, and she named the child Isaac which means "he laughed."

Gen 12:1-5 - Travel to Canaan
Gen 16:1-6 - Hagar
Gen 18:1-15 - Promise of a son
Gen 23:1-20 - Death and burial

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Photo by Craig Koester.