Recounts the occupation of Canaan, the distribution of the land to the tribes, and the renewal of the covenant.

Joshua Stone

Reminder of the covenant
(Joshua 24:26)

Joshua's stone
at Shechem

Josh 1-11 recounts Israel's occupation of Canaan.   God promises that he will never fail or forsake Joshua and commands that Joshua be obedient.  When the Israelites arrive at the Jordan River on the eastern border of the land, the waters part, allowing them to cross.  They capture Jericho after they march around the city and blow trumpets, causing the walls to fall down.  An initial attempt to capture Ai fails because one of the Israelites keeps booty for himself, but after the people deal with the culprit they are able to take the city.  Joshua is tricked into making a convenant with the people from Gibeon in central Canaan, but captures the southern part of the country by defeating a coalition of its kings.

Josh 12-24 tells how territory was assigned to the tribes.  After Joshua describes the boundaries of tribal territory, he calls Israel to renew the covenant with God.  He reminds them of God's faithfulness and says "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." The people too promise to be faithful to God. Joshua set up a stone monument at Shechem to remind Israel of this covenant.

Josh 1:1-9 - Joshua assumes leadership
Josh 6 - Battle of Jericho
Josh 24 - Covenant of Shechem


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