The events recounted in the Bible span many centuries. Learning the major dates can help you see the Biblical story as a whole. Major events are listed in the column below. You may also find it helpful to read the Bible Overview, which gives a narrative summary of the contents of the Bible. A chart that lists the dates along with the Biblical books, people, and places is provided in the Study Guide.

Abraham and Sarah
2000-1700 B.C.
Israel's Exodus from Egypt
1275 B.C.
Reign of David Begins
1000 B.C.
Kingdom Divides into North and South
922 B.C.
Fall of Northern Kingdom
722 B.C.
Fall of Southern Kingdom
587 B.C.
Some exiles return from Babylonia
539 B.C.
Birth of Jesus
5 B.C.
Jesus' death and resurrection
A.D. 30 



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