Knowing something about the places mentioned in the Bible can help you follow and appreciate the Biblical story. Each item below is linked to a page that gives a brief description of the place and a summary of its importance in the Bible. Each page has a map and many include pictures that show the character of the place
. The places are listed in connection with biblical books and people on the Study Guide.

Biblical Maps The Ancient World Old Testament Palestine Antioch & Damascus The Fertile Cresent
New Testament Palestine The Eastern Mediterranean  
Bodies of Water Dead Sea Jordan River Mediterranean Sea Nile River
Sea of Galilee Red Sea    
Old Testament Regions Egypt Assyria Babylonia Israel (Northern Kingdom)
Judah (Southern Kingdom Canaan    
Old Testament Cities Samaria (city) Babylon    
New Testament Regions Galilee Samaria (country) Judea  
New Testament Cities Capernaum Nazareth Damascus Rome
Cities in Both OT & NT Jerusalem Bethlehem    


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